Why are My Dracaena Marginata Plant Leaves Falling Off? 

When the leaves of my dracaena marginata plant start falling off what to do

Although small cactuses and tiny succulents look adorable on a window sill, larger homes need a bigger, statement plant that can at least fill out a corner of their homes. While many people have been buying tall bamboo shoots of the massive Elephant Ear plant for this purpose, many Americans are starting to go for … Read more >>

What Causes Yellow Spots on Dracaena Marginata [And How to Fix]

What Causes Yellow Spots on Dracaena Marginata

There are several reasons why your Dracaena Marginata leaves are turning yellow. The most prominent of these are overwatering and exposure to unfiltered tap water. But there could be other problems at play here. To help you solve your Dracaena Marginata problems, we have rounded up 10 reasons why Dracaena Marginata leaves turn yellow and … Read more >>

What Kind of Potting Soil for Dracaena Marginata?

Potting soil for dracaena marginata

The dragon tree, or Dracaena Marginata, is a beautiful shrub you will notice around Miami with long green leaves resembling swords with crimson edges. The striking spiky tree, native to Madagascar, is a perfect gateway plant for home gardeners since it requires little maintenance, is drought-tolerant, and is almost indestructible. The plant grows slowly and … Read more >>

Why My Dracaena Marginata Leaves Tip Burn? [How to Fix It]

My dracaena marginata leaves tip burn why

The stunning Dracaena Marginata is a member of the asparagus family and has leaves that look like swords. The remarkable beauty of this houseplant is enhanced by the spiky leaves, which end in a scarlet tip. Since it is so simple to care for and virtually impossible to kill, this eye-catching houseplant makes for a … Read more >>