How to treat Fungal Infection in Fiddle Leaf Fig [Helpful Tips]

Fungal infection in fiddle leaf fig guide

The last thing you want to see is your healthy fiddle leaf fig plant showing signs of fungal infection. With so many possible causes, identifying and treating the fungal infection can seem daunting. However, don’t stress, because this article will cover how you can recognize fungal infection as well as how to treat and prevent … Read more >>

The Basic Root Rot Treatment for an Indoor Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

An indoor fiddle leaf fig basic root rot treatment

Although people have been adding indoor plants to their homes for a long time, this trend has only skyrocketed after going viral on social media. Today, nearly 66% of the American population owns at least one indoor planter, and most millennials simultaneously have more than five indoor plants at home.  However, although an indoor plant … Read more >>

Why are My Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves So Small? [Causes & Fixes]

My fiddle leaf fig leaves small

The huge, veiny leaves, some of which take the shape of fiddles, have made this stunning plant famous. New leaves should emerge every four to six weeks and be the same size as the older leaves. If new, tiny leaves start appearing on the plant, it means that the plant needs assistance. Causes of Small … Read more >>

Spider Mites Fiddle Leaf Fig [And Solution to Fix it]

Spider mites on fiddle leaf fig

Any person who owns houseplants knows the worries of a spider mite infestation. A fiddle infested with these little critters would be a disaster. In the case of spider mites, early detection is key to preventing widespread damage to your plant. Spider mites are the source of many gardening issues. Reduced plant health and yield … Read more >>

How to Make Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Taller [Helpful Tips]

Fiddle leaf fig grow taller how

Fiddle leaf fig owners prize the houseplant for its showy, large foliage and the tropical ambiance it lends to their room. They are ideal for anyone who wants to make a statement piece. These houseplants have above-average care requirements, making them better suited for people with a green thumb. Fiddle leaf figs grow surprisingly fast … Read more >>

Rubber Tree Vs. Fiddle Leaf Fig [Complete Guide]

Difference between rubber tree and fiddle leaf fig

Which would you rather have in your home: a rubber tree or a fiddle leaf fig? Likely, you’ve never considered this question before, but it’s one worth asking. Both plants have pros and cons, so read on to learn more about each and decide which fits your needs best. Rubber Tree Vs. Fiddle Leaf Fig … Read more >>

Black Spots Fiddle Leaf Fig [What to do to fix it]

Fiddle leaf fig black spots

Fiddle leaf figs can transform your home’s interior decor into a cheerful and bright space. However, these houseplants are finicky and need lots of care and attention. Maybe you’re giving your fiddle leaf figs lots of love but still notice those dreary black spots. Knowing the causes of these black spots and their solutions will … Read more >>

Why Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Lose Leaves, and Can This Recover?

Fiddle leaf fig loose leaves can this recover

There can be several reasons your Fiddle Leaf Fig may lose its leaves. One reason can be a shock after being moved to a new location. Other reasons can include the plant suffering from dryness or conditions such as an infection or root rot. May you wonder, will Fiddle Leaf Figs leaves grow back, and … Read more >>