What Kind of Potting Soil for Dracaena Marginata?

Potting soil for dracaena marginata

The dragon tree, or Dracaena Marginata, is a beautiful shrub you will notice around Miami with long green leaves resembling swords with crimson edges. The striking spiky tree, native to Madagascar, is a perfect gateway plant for home gardeners since it requires little maintenance, is drought-tolerant, and is almost indestructible. The plant grows slowly and … Read more >>

Why Is My Elephant Ear Plant Drooping?

My elephant ear plant drooping reason

Alocasia, also known as Elephant Ear, plants are highly prized for the sculptural elegance they exude and their capacity to develop into large specimens given the appropriate growing conditions. This is true whether they are utilized as a focal point in an outdoor living space or as an ornamental plant indoors. Their tall, graceful stems … Read more >>

Why Is My Elephant Ear Plant Dying?

elephant ear leaf dying

It is also possible for this to occur if the soil in the garden is of poor quality and your plant is put there. The addition of plants can greatly improve the aesthetic value of your home. You probably already know how stunning elephant ear plants are if you are someone who appreciates the natural … Read more >>

Rubber Tree Vs. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Difference between rubber tree and fiddle leaf fig

Which would you rather have in your home: a rubber tree or a fiddle leaf fig? Likely, you’ve never considered this question before, but it’s one worth asking. Both plants have pros and cons, so read on to learn more about each and decide which fits your needs best. Rubber Tree Vs. Fiddle Leaf Fig … Read more >>

Why My Dracaena Marginata Leaves Tip Burn?

My dracaena marginata leaves tip burn why

The stunning Dracaena Marginata is a member of the asparagus family and has leaves that look like swords. The remarkable beauty of this houseplant is enhanced by the spiky leaves, which end in a scarlet tip. Since it is so simple to care for and virtually impossible to kill, this eye-catching houseplant makes for a … Read more >>

Why is My English Ivy Wilting?

My english ivy is wilting why

A possible early indicator of a problem with your English ivy plant is wilting leaves and a generally weak appearance. Leaves will droop if the plant isn’t given the required attention and is grown in an unfavorable environment. However, it might take a few days before you can detect the cause of the problem. Find … Read more >>

6 Reasons Why Your English Ivy Is Dying and What You Can Do About It

why your english ivy is dying and what you can do about it 6 reasons

English ivy, or Hedera helix, is an evergreen woody vine and a lovely houseplant. Many people love decorating the outside of their houses with English ivy, but they also make excellent indoor plants. English ivy is easy to take care of, looks stunning, dangling from some shelf, or can also be a topiary. NASA has … Read more >>

What Is the Best Fertilizer for English Ivy?

Best fertilizers for english ivy

English ivy, also known as Hedera helix, is a beautiful and familiar plant to many gardeners. However, trying to keep the ivy growing strongly and healthy in your garden can sometimes be frustrating. One of the most common questions about English ivy is what’s the best fertilizer for English ivy? This guide will help you … Read more >>

Sago Palm Leaves Turning Brown

Sago palm leaves turning brown reason

Sago palms are a go-to option for house plants because they’re low maintenance and can tolerate neglect. These plants can be placed anywhere in the house and garden and can grow to be up to 15 feet tall! Sago palms are beautiful landscape plants that thrive in warm to temperate climates and make excellent potted … Read more >>

Black Spots Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig black spots

Fiddle leaf figs can transform your home’s interior decor into a cheerful and bright space. However, these houseplants are finicky and need lots of care and attention. Maybe you’re giving your fiddle leaf figs lots of love but still notice those dreary black spots. Knowing the causes of these black spots and their solutions will … Read more >>