Can You Use Sevin Dust on Houseplants?

Can You Use Sevin Dust on Houseplants?

It’s only a matter of time before pests invade your precious houseplants in California. Sevin dust is a powerful pesticide that is used to kill insects and protect houseplants. But you should be careful when spraying Sevin dust on houseplants. It can be toxic to humans and pets when ingested. Note that it does not … Read more >>

Houseplants for Self Watering Pots

Houseplants for Self Watering Pots

Many houseplants are compatible with self-watering pots and make life easier for gardeners. These houseplants are usually very hardy and forgiving of forgetful gardeners. In general, self-watering pots are ideal for houseplants like African violets and ferns. Self-watering pots don’t work well with succulents, so you won’t see them on this list. This is a … Read more >>

What Potted House Plant Looks Like Green Beans?

What Potted House Plant Looks Like Green Beans

You are not alone if you want to expand your collection of potted succulents and indoor planters by adding newer and more unique potted house plant species. As a matter of fact, most Americans, and especially millennials, continue to buy different potted house plants till they at least have an impressive collection of seven to … Read more >>

Why Does My Potted House Plant Have Wavy Leaves?

Why Does My Potted House Plant Have Wavy Leaves

Once you start stepping into the green and refreshing world of buying and caring for different potted house plant species, chances are you will want to stay in it forever. According to recent statistics, caring for potted house plants can be addictive as it leads to an immediate reduction in anxiety and distress and can … Read more >>

How to Keep Cats from Eating Houseplants? [9 Tips]

How to Keep Cats from Eating Houseplants

From nudging things off the shelves to tearing toilet paper, cats can be truly mischievous sometimes. One annoying habit that cats might have is of eating houseplants. And, of course, they don’t eat any shriveled, gross leaves on their last legs. Nope. Did you shell out some major bucks for a gorgeous Fiddle Leaf Fig … Read more >>

Best Houseplants for East-Facing Window [14 Best Indoor Plants]

Best Houseplants for East-Facing Window

Home gardeners and people who care for plants often fret about the amount of light in their houses; many believe that without a south-facing window, there won’t be enough direct sunshine for plants to thrive. While it is most difficult to cultivate plants in north-facing windows, which provide the mildest light, you are still in … Read more >>

House Plant That Looks Like Lily Pads

Lily pads are stunning flowers that grow on the surface of standing water like lakes and ponds. They look super stunning with their giant leafy pads. If you want a house plant that looks like a lily pad, you should go for the Pilea Peperomioides, commonly known as the Pancake Plant or Chinese Money Plant. … Read more >>

Homemade Bug Spray for Houseplants [Complete Guide]

Homemade Bug Spray for Houseplants

So, you’ve added some houseplants to your home, wondering how to take care of them. Perhaps you are wondering why there are so many bugs surrounding your houseplants. Bugs can be a menace, especially if you have spent considerable time working on your home’s interior. Bugs don’t just ruin the way your house looks. They … Read more >>

Are Earthworms Good for Houseplants [Complete Guide]

Are Earthworms Good for Houseplants

Earthworms are great for houseplants because they allow air to pass through the soil while breaking down organic matter like leaves into essential nutrients that will enable plants to grow. Adding earthworms to your houseplants might make you think they are helping your plant grow. But is that the case? Should Earthworms Be Added to … Read more >>

Houseplants Safe for Rabbits [13 Best Picks]

Houseplants Safe for Rabbits

Finding plants safe for your animal friends can be challenging if you’re a pet owner. Some plants are poisonous to animals, and others can cause stomach upset or other health problems. What when it comes to rabbits? As we all know, rabbits are cute, cuddly creatures that make great house pets in the USA. They’re … Read more >>