Why Are My House Plant Leaves Turning Black? [Causes & How to Fix]

Why Are My House Plant Leaves Turning Black

One easy and quick way to give your living space, kitchen, bathroom, or office a quick and relatively budget-friendly makeover is by investing in a couple of potted house plants. Most people in the United States have a houseplant. Once you are done setting up the space with indoor plants, the beautiful, aromatic, leafy green … Read more >>

What Houseplant Doesn’t Need Sunlight? [17 Best Plants]

What Houseplant Doesn't Need Sunlight

The popularity of growing plants inside has increased rapidly in recent years, for a good reason. They relate to various beneficial impacts on one’s health and the aesthetic value they provide to a place. Plants are an excellent way for individuals living in apartments to bring the outside inside without leaving their homes. It is … Read more >>

How to Treat House Plant Fungus [Complete Guide]

How to Treat House Plant Fungus

One easy and relatively budget-friendly way to enhance the outlook of your living space in the United States is by investing in beautiful potted house plants. Just add a couple of small succulents and green leafy plants on your shelves, kitchen counter, coffee table, and bathroom, and voila; your house will look like something straight … Read more >>

How to Fertilize Houseplants Naturally

How to Fertilize Houseplants Naturally

Have you just invested in a houseplant? Is it wilting already? That may be due to the lack of energy it receives from the soil it has been potted within. Fertilizing a plant makes a big difference as it works towards improving plant health.  If you want your plant to grow and look vibrant in … Read more >>

House Plants That Grow in Water [21 Plants to Try]

House Plants That Grow in Water

Houseplants that grow in water in America are a terrific hobby for inexperienced gardeners (excellent for kids, too!), those with limited room or intolerance to filthy earth, and those with trouble watering their plants. This technique of plant cultivation is not only minimal maintenance but also resistant to disease and pests. The easy growth of many … Read more >>

House Plants With Variegated Leaves

House Plants With Variegated Leaves

If you don’t live under a rock, you must know that houseplants with variegated leaves drive everyone insane. These plants have suddenly risen in popularity in the United States over the past few years. They have always been a favorite for plant enthusiasts, but now everyone and their mother wants one. What Are Variegated Leaves? … Read more >>

Why Are My House Plant’s Leaves Turning Brown? [6 Reasons & How to Fix]

Why Are My House Plant's Leaves Turning Brown

According to 2022’s House plant statistics, owning and interacting with a potted house plant for only 15 minutes can help reduce anxiety and stress levels while also improving productivity by nearly 15%. Moreover, the annual percentage of employee absenteeism also drops by keeping potted indoor plants in a workspace or an office. However, while caring for … Read more >>

Types of House Plants with Large Leaves [21 Best Plants]

House Plants with Large Leaves

Grow these big foliage indoor plants if you want to spruce up your home without spending much money. Beautiful, enormous leaves may serve as fresh focus points. Additionally, a house plants with large leaves make a tiny space appear larger by directing attention upward. Popular Houseplants with Large Leaves Here are some amazing large-leafed houseplants in … Read more >>

Low Light Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats [Best 8 Picks]

Low light indoor plants safe for cats

No one knows why cats love houseplants so much. Perhaps it’s the leaves they love to eat or the plant’s smell. However, not all plants are great for cats. Some may be deadly. Knowing and understanding the kinds of plants that suit your pets is up to you. Every pet owner would love a guide … Read more >>

What House Plant Repels Insects [6 useful plants]

What House Plant Repels Insects

No one likes pests. They are the worst part of the summer. People argue that sweating or seeing your energy bill is terrible. What can beat a constant buzz in your ear or something crawling up your neck? The smell of chemical anti-pest sprays, that’s what. Did you know that there are houseplants that smell … Read more >>