Can You Make Money Selling Cactus?

Who doesn’t adore indoor succulents and cacti for decoration? These are great possibilities for landscaping and gardens if you live in an area with the right climate, like in the USA. Moreover, they require little maintenance.  

The question now is: Can you make money from selling cacti? You may earn money by cultivating cacti and succulents. You can make big bucks if you approach it wisely.

With a modest initial investment, anyone can launch and run this business. Consider this business even if you have work and are seeking a part-time option.

Every day, hundreds of individuals look for succulents, and most would rather purchase a gorgeous arrangement than individual plants. Let’s examine how you can earn money through this business and its benefits and drawbacks.

Ways to Make Money by Selling Cacti

1. Offer them at Local Markets. 

Succulents make lovely indoor plants. They are just like plants, although they typically require less maintenance.

You can offer your succulent masterpieces at farmers’ markets or through word-of-mouth because they are in reasonably high use year-round as indoor plants due to their excellent performance.

Succulents can be sold separately or alongside items like basil, plants, vegetables, and anything else you produce.

2. Sell More Delicate and Attractive Cactus Varieties

As succulent enthusiasts become more sophisticated, they value smaller, geometric designs and spines that gleam wonderfully under backlighting. Tiny cacti are, therefore, very sought-after.

Develop exciting new design ideas, hold workshops, and cultivate specimens (particularly spherical ones) to sell online and at garden exhibits for a profit. You’ll need a keen eye, imagination, a nearby wholesaler, a greenhouse, and shipment supplies.

Also, you can increase value by positioning succulent containers and pots in a way that appeals to purchasers.

Furthermore, you may improve the offering by finding and employing eye-catching boxes, terra cotta pots, and planters to ensure that the entire set looks fantastic in any home and is quickly sold.

3. Sell Cacti Online 

You can sell your products online in addition to farmers’ markets. For example, online sales of succulents are on the rise, and so are the number of websites that offer these appealing plants for sale. Not to add, many of them offer succulent plants online and make respectable profits.

You can trade succulents at many locations online. Let’s examine a few platforms: 


Etsy is ideal if you want to open your store and want it to be as easy as possible. It handles all your difficult tasks, like collecting payments, handling sales tax, and creating attractive sales pages. It even provides you with customers. The setup is quick and simple to do. Pick a name, fill out your details, and add products! The procedure of getting going has been simplified.


Using Facebook is a wonderful way to evaluate if you like selling succulents and find out what appeals to customers. Numerous Facebook groups offer succulents that you may join. You can gain feedback and consumers by posting a picture of your creation and the price.

Amazon Handmade 

Amazon’s direct response to Etsy is Amazon Handmade. It can be defined as a genuine sub-Amazon marketplace for artists and people who enjoy making and selling items.

You will be able to locate the best individuals for your plants since Amazon is such a massive online retailer.

But, because the platform is linked to Amazon, it could be challenging to get in touch with the appropriate individuals, and listing your product for sale will be more complex than it is on Etsy.

Thankfully, many online lessons can teach you how to buy and sell on the site.


Hardy is a website for selling succulents and other plants. Vendors of succulent plants can list their plant products on its platform.

Hardy focuses heavily on customer service to stand out from the competition and provide a novel experience to its buyers.

Contrary to other marketplaces, Harddy collaborates closely with its distributors and their nurseries, and cacti are shipped directly from those locations. Thus, contact Harddy immediately if you operate a succulent plant nursery and require assistance with advertising and selling your plants.

4. Create a Website

The fact that this path is entirely your own makes it gratifying, even though it is undoubtedly the most difficult of the others. You might take longer to reach your target market than if you sold your succulents on Amazon and Etsy.

At times, it could also seem like it’s not worthwhile. But it might be very exciting and rewarding if you can figure it out. It’s practically hard to develop a website if you’re not a technician or a web developer.

Yet nowadays, making a website and getting it online is simple, thanks to the abundance of website-building services. Moreover, it is easy to set up your shop with the help of tools like Shopify.

Creating your website has two significant benefits. Since you’ll probably be the one generating the most traffic, it’s wonderful to have visitors coming to your site rather than someone else’s.

The second benefit is that your clients only view your goods. Consumers are not presented with relevant goods from other sellers that can divert their attention or make them stop buying your goods.

5. Provide Gardening and Succulent Growing Services.

Succulent gardens require periodic maintenance, which could occur three to four times a year, unlike regular yards. Offering services for growing succulents can earn you money. This would be comparable to a gardening service but with many more customers.

You can definitely charge twice the hourly wages of lawn mowing and hedge trimming since it is a highly sought-after specialty that is only occasionally required.

All that is required is physical stamina, tools, and a firm grasp of all varieties of in-ground succulents and how to care for and grow them.

What Makes The Business Of Selling Cacti Profitable?

  • First of all, cacti are simple to grow. You can cultivate these plants even in the most difficult land and agro-climatic conditions,
  • Minimal capital investment will be required to launch and maintain the business,
  • The business can be run in various ways. You have the option of working from your house or retail locations.
  • The company only needs a relatively small area to grow the plants. As a result, it enables you to launch and operate the business using a low-cost strategy.
  • Finally, this business will permit both part-time and full-time employment. How much focus you want to spend on building it is entirely up to you.

Pros and Cons of Selling Cacti

Cacti are popular plantsShipping delicate cacti can be difficult
Easy to grow and maintainOverproduction can make it difficult to manage inventory
Diverse and come in many varietiesSelling only cacti can limit your profit potential
Can be sold at various price pointsSome people might not want to buy cacti

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Final Thoughts

The best places to sell your cactus arrangements are at regional community markets, exhibits, and festivals in the USA. You can also find large corporate buildings, colleges, and other establishments for landscaping.

This venture is ideal for you if you have an enthusiasm for gardening. Your cactus-selling enterprise will unquestionably become a huge accomplishment if you put in a lot of effort and strong dedication.

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