Why Does My Hydrangea Have Small Flowers? [Causes & What to Do]

Why Does My Hydrangea Have Small Flowers

One of the most attractive things about hydrangeas is that they have big, beautiful flowers that can become as large as 12 to 18 inches (30.48-45.72cm)! The size and beauty motivated me to plant some hydrangeas in my garden. But disappointingly, I’ve noticed that my hydrangeas produce much smaller blooms instead of enormous flowers. Hydrangeas … Read more >>

Why Are There Flies on My Hydrangea? [How to Remove]

Why Are There Flies on My Hydrangea

While some hydrangea varieties attract bees, you might’ve noticed that yours also attracts many flies. These can be a nuisance, especially if you’re sitting in the garden trying to enjoy a warm summer day. So, why are flies hovering around your hydrangea bushes? Flies could be swarming your hydrangeas because these flowering plants release an … Read more >>

Why Are My Hydrangeas Wilting? [Causes & How Do You Revive]

Why Are My Hydrangeas Wilting

Hydrangeas are generally hardy throughout most of the United States and make great additions to any yard. However, they can be finicky when things aren’t exactly how they want them to be. Hydrangeas will wilt when the environment is not ideally suited to their needs, such as when the temperature is too hot. In this … Read more >>

What Is Eating My Hydrangea Leaves?

What Is Eating My Hydrangea Leaves

Hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs with beautiful flowers that bloom in summer and spring. The flowers are easy to keep, but pests can eat their leaves. So, what eats hydrangea leaves and what can you do to save them? Pests like slugs, rose chafers, caterpillars, spider mites, aphids, beetles, etc., eat Hydrangea leaves. The bites leave … Read more >>

Should You Deadhead Hydrangeas? Here’s the Scoop!

Hydrangeas are a true showstopper with their stunning flower globes and beautiful hues. Shrub and climbing varieties grow well in group settings and on their own. Unfortunately, they aren’t immortal, and you’ll encounter brown blooms in time. You should deadhead your hydrangeas if you want them to have a clean appearance and healthier blooms. Deadheading … Read more >>

Should I Cut Off Brown Hydrangea Blooms?

Should I Cut Off Brown Hydrangea Blooms

Hydrangea blooms are beautiful, but it can be frustrating when they turn brown. While this is a normal part of gardening, not everyone knows why they do this or what to do about it. So, should you cut off hydrangea blooms when they turn brown? You should cut off brown hydrangea blooms. It’s difficult for … Read more >>

Hydrangea Not Growing [Reasons & What to Do]

Hydrangea Not Growing

Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers that bloom in an array of colors and a variety of different sizes, so it can certainly be discouraging if you’ve planted hydrangeas that are struggling to produce any growth. The leading causes of stunted growth relate to indoor and outdoor planting environments. Your hydrangea is not growing mainly due to … Read more >>

Hydrangea Flowers Turning Brown [Reasons and Solutions]

Hydrangea Flowers Turning Brown

Hydrangeas have a reputation for being undeniably beautiful. Some gardeners struggle with browning issues, but the reasons are hardly complicated, and each has an easy fix. Hydrangea flowers turn brown when one or all of their needs aren’t met. Ensure your shrubs get enough sunlight and water. Hydrangeas like slightly acidic soil, so doing a … Read more >>

How To Transplant a Hydrangea?

How To Transplant a Hydrangea

Transplanting a Hydrangea shrub is a simple task, provided you have prepared for it properly and have chosen a good time to move it. Perhaps you’re moving it from one spot in the garden to another, or maybe from the garden to a container. Regardless, all you need to transplant your plant is a shovel … Read more >>

How To Save a Dying Hydrangea? [7 Easy Ways]

How To Save a Dying Hydrangea

There are many hydrangea plants, and they’re all equally beautiful. If you take care of your hydrangea and keep it hydrated, you shouldn’t run into any issues. But if you notice that your hydrangea plant is beginning to die, you should act fast to fix it! To save a dying hydrangea, you must figure out … Read more >>