Is the Madagascar Dragon Tree Toxic to Cats

The Madagascar Dragon Tree has many advantages. These trees are natural air purifiers and can filter out impurities and toxins from the surroundings. Having these trees indoors can significantly improve the air quality of your interior. But is the Madagascar dragon tree toxic to cats? The American Society created to prevent animal cruelty (ASPCA) states … Read more >>

How To Propagate Madagascar Dragon Tree?

The Madagascar Dragon Tree or the Dragon Plant can be propagated using techniques such as layering, stem cutting, and beheading (sounds dramatic, we know!). Dracaena marginata is known for its unique green leaves resembling swords and scarlet edges. This plant is a favorite among gardeners because it is simple to care for, resilient to drought, … Read more >>

Do Madagascar Dragon Trees Need Direct Sunlight

Do Madagascar Dragon Trees Need Direct Sunlight

Recognized for their exuding glossy green foliage and overall tropical feel, dracaena plants, especially the dracaena marginata, are famous among plant enthusiasts in the United States for various reasons. The long, narrow leaves of the dracaena marginata (aka Madagascar dragon tree) make it a stunning houseplant. To survive, it should be provided with indirect sunlight, … Read more >>

Can A Madagascar Dragon Tree Live Outside?

Can A Madagascar Dragon Tree Live Outside

The dragon tree, also known as Dracaena marginata, is a popular houseplant native to Madagascar. It is the ideal slow-growing plant for any interior setting and looks stunning in both a living room and a home office! Although dragon trees planted outside have a maximum height of 20 feet, they are considerably easier to handle … Read more >>

Why is My Madagascar Dragon Tree Drooping?

Why is My Madagascar Dragon Tree Drooping

The Madagascar dragon tree is not only an appealing and hardy houseplant, but it also contributes to the cleaning of the air within the home, is resistant to drought, and requires little maintenance. Despite their hardiness, the leaves of the Madagascar dragon tree or dracaena marginata may sometimes turn droopy (hanging down) and soon fall … Read more >>

Madagascar Dragon Tree Repotting: Everything You Need to Know

Madagascar Dragon Tree Repotting

Madagascar Dragon trees are wonderful plants to have indoors. Their green foliage adds a fantastic pop of color to the room. Plus, tropical plants are easy to maintain. Here is a complete guide on Madagascar Dragon tree repotting. Why Is Madagascar Dragon Tree Repotting Important? Every variety of Madagascar Dracaena plant will eventually require repotting. Repotting … Read more >>

Madagascar Dragon Tree Leaves Turning Brown [How to Fix]

Madagascar Dragon Tree Leaves Turning Brown

The Dracaena marginata, or Madagascar dragon tree, is a low-maintenance and beautiful houseplant. However, even the most low-maintenance plants require some attention and proper growing conditions. You may be concerned that your dragon tree is deteriorating if you notice it drooping, shedding leaves, or becoming brown or yellow. Fortunately, the investigation into the cause of … Read more >>

Madagascar Dragon Tree Leaves Falling Off [Causes & Solutions]

Madagascar Dragon Tree Leaves Falling Off

Is your Madagascar dragon tree losing leaves? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. This is a common problem with this particular tree species. Keep reading to find out what causes leaves to fall off and what you can do about it. Why Are Leaves Falling off My Madagascar Dragon Tree and How to Save It? Most … Read more >>

Madagascar Dragon Tree Has Mottled Leaves: 8 Causes and What You Can Do

Madagascar Dragon Tree Has Mottled Leaves

One of the most popular houseplants in the US, the Madagascar Dragon Tree, also known as the Dracaena Marginata, is a unique, robust species of flora. It is a low-maintenance variety that can thrive without attention. However, even Dragon Trees can suffer from mottled leaves. Several reasons your Dragon Tree has mottled leaves include malnutrition, … Read more >>