Madagascar Dragon Tree Grow & Care [Helpful Tips]

The Madagascar Dragon Tree is an exotic, eye-catching, and low-maintenance houseplant that deserves a spot in any home. This slow-growing, bushy succulent features lance-shaped foliage composed of stiff and glossy green leaves that grow outward in a radial pattern resembling a circle.

Straight up the center of this bushy display is a stem with tassel-like foliage at the top. With basic care and just enough light and water, it can last many years as an easy perennial houseplant for any home.

When taking care of the Madagascar Dragon Tree, be sure to find a location where it gets bright, indirect sunlight throughout most of the day. It’s best to avoid direct sunlight and strong winds when possible since both can dry out its delicate foliage or cause weeping.

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Be sure to also keep it consistently moist but not soggy by checking soil moisture about twice per week with your finger. Water deeply when soil feels dry and make sure you don’t let it dry out completely between watering cycles.

As for temperature, this plant is best kept between 60°F and 75°F with average humidity levels of 50%. However, most houseplants do poorly in rooms that are overly humid so keep that in mind before placing your Madagascar Dragon Tree there!

The Madagascar Dragon Tree needs occasional repotting as it grows larger over time but doing so too often can stress the plant out so don’t do it unless absolutely necessary.

Make sure to use fresh potting mix designed especially for succulents like cacti or bonsai plants when you repot them and make sure your container has drainage holes to help excess water escape after watering.

Also, fertilize your Madagascar Dragon Tree every three months during its growing season to provide essential nutrients that promote its growth with a specialty fertilizer like one specifically meant for cacti or bonsai plants since these trace elements are essential for its long-term health.

With proper care, the Madagascar Dragon Tree will bring life into any indoor space with its unique colors and long foliage while remaining low maintenance so anyone can enjoy keeping this beautiful plant around year after year!

Grow and Care for Madagascar Dragon Tree