Why is My Peacock Plant Sticky [And How to Fix It]

Why is My Peacock Plant Sticky

Peacock plants are beautiful to keep around the house because of their vibrant colors. However, homeowners commonly complain about sticky leaves on the plant. This can cause one to feel disgusted and frustrated, especially if you have been taking care of your plant like it is your baby. Usually, a pest infestation can cause one’s … Read more >>

Why Is My Peacock Plant Turning Brown? (Causes & How to Fix Them)

Why Is My Peacock Plant Turning Brown

Peacock plants are a common occurrence in many households around the US. A problem that many of them encounter is the peacock plant’s brown edges. The scientific name given to the peacock plant is Calathea Makoyana, and it belongs to the Marantaceae family. Even though this is a tropical plant, some specific requirements are needed … Read more >>

Why Is My Peacock Plant Leaves Turning Yellow (And How to Fix It)

Why Is My Peacock Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

Calathea makoyana, or the peacock plant, is a beautiful foliage plant popular among indoor gardeners. Its silvery green leaves, dark green veins, and ordered splotch pattern make it unique. Peacock plants are forgiving to beginner plant owners. Despite their looks, they are pretty robust. However, sometimes their leaves turn yellow. Why does it happen, and … Read more >>

Why Is My Peacock Plant Dying? (Reasons and Solutions)

Why Is My Peacock Plant Dying

The Peacock Plant, also known as the Calathea plant, is a tropical plant with magnificent foliage striped in different colors. It requires a high humidity environment, adequate sunlight, and a little wet soil for optimal growth. In this article, we will discuss all the possible reasons why your peacock plant is not flourishing. Peacock plants … Read more >>

Peacock Plant: 8 Reasons for Drooping Leaves (And How to Fix It)

Peacock Plant 8 Reasons for Drooping Leaves

No one likes to see their favorite houseplant drooping, but with the peacock plant, it’s incredibly upsetting because the plant isn’t supposed to droop. After all, the leaves are stiff and upright, making the drooping look shocking. The peacock plant is a member of the family Marantaceae. Originating from Central and South America, this exotic … Read more >>

Why Are My Peacock Plant Leaves Curling? (Causes & How to Fix Them)

Why Are My Peacock Plant Leaves Curling

Peacock plants, also known as the Calathea, can be a beautiful addition to an otherwise simple room. However, it is incomplete without its care manual. Unfortunately, no plant owner will attach a manual to a plant. Calatheas are hard to maintain. They might start to curl or get damaged in the blink of an eye. … Read more >>

How Often to Water Peacock Plant?

How Often to Water Peacock Plant

How much is too much? A new houseplant can make you feel like a new parent. You might want to smother it with all your affection. However, when should you draw the line? Overwatering your plant can lead to fungal infections or weaken the roots, which aren’t healthy outcomes. Maintaining a balance and avoiding neglect … Read more >>

How to Grow and Care for Peacock Plant?

How to Grow and Care for Peacock Plant

If you’re looking for an exciting and exotic addition to your garden, you should consider growing a peacock plant. This unique plant is easy to care for and will add a splash of color to any landscape. Keep reading to learn more about how to grow and care for peacock plants. How Large Do Peacock … Read more >>

Is Peacock Plant Toxic to Dogs?

Is Peacock Plant Toxic to Dogs

Generically named Caesalpinia pulcherrima, the peacock plant is also known as the dwarf poinciana, Ohai Ali’i, and the pride of Barbados. It can be found in the tropical and subtropical parts of America. You can spot the peacock plant from a mile away. It has five orange and red flowers and attracts many insects and … Read more >>

Peacock Plant Brown Spots [How to identify & treat them)

A Guide on Peacock Plant Brown Spots

Peacock plant brown spots can be scary to dedicated plant owners, but fret not! We have a guide that can help you get to the root (pun intended) of the problem. Why Does My Peacock Plant Have Brown Spots? Diseases including anthracnose, algal leaf, and septoria leaf spots may cause brown spots on the peacock plant’s … Read more >>