Why Is My Hosta Plant Not Growing? [What to Do]

Why Is My Hosta Plant Not Growing

Your hosta plant needs two to four years to reach its full size, which is between one to three feet (0.3 to 0.9 meters) depending on the hosta variety you own. If you’ve noticed that your hosta has become sluggish and refuses to grow, you might wonder why this is happening and what you need … Read more >>

Why Are My Hostas Turning Yellow?

Why Are My Hostas Turning Yellow

Hostas, also called plantain lily, has beautiful foliage with ivory, gold, blue and green shades. Therefore, the hostas plant is a favorite for most gardeners because of its beauty and easy maintenance. But when the leaves begin turning yellow, be sure something is troubling your plants, and you should address it. Hostas leaves are turning … Read more >>

Why Are My Hostas Turning Brown? [Causes & Fixes]

Why Are My Hostas Turning Brown

Hostas in an outdoor garden on indoor pots suffer a few problems, and browning leaf edges should be a concern. Early and correct diagnosis of what’s troubling your hostas plants is essential to decide the next steps. What are the reasons for your hostas turning brown? Your hostas turn brown because of drought stress, seasonal … Read more >>

Why Are My Hosta Leaves Curling? [Reasons & Fixes]

Why Are My Hosta Leaves Curling

Hosta plants have lush green foliage and can live for years provided they grow under the right conditions. When hosta leaves curl, that’s usually a good indication of an issue with your plant, so you may want to know what the cause is. Your hosta leaves are curling if they’re dehydrated due to underwatering or … Read more >>

Why Are My Hostas Dying? [Causes & How to Fix]

Why Are My Hostas Dying

Hostas are one of the most popular perennials in the landscape, and for a good reason—they are easy to grow, shade tolerant, extremely hardy, and require little maintenance. So when your hostas start to die, it can be a real mystery. Is there something you’re doing wrong, or is it just something that happens? Your … Read more >>

What To Spray on Hostas for Bugs?

What To Spray on Hostas for Bugs

Hostas‘ velvety, heart-shaped leaves make them a favorite of gardeners and pests alike. Aphids, snails, and pill bugs love to nibble on hostas and can quickly decimate a plant if not controlled. To keep your hostas healthy, it’s essential to regularly inspect them for pests and take steps to manage any infestations. You can spray … Read more >>

What Causes Holes in Hosta Leaves

What Causes Holes in Hosta Leaves

Nothing beats the appealing sight of hostas with their broad, lush, and variegated foliage. Although they’re hardy herbaceous plants, hostas sometimes experience damage, including having holes in their leaves. But what causes these holes in hosta leaves? Various factors cause holes in hosta leaves, including invasion by snails, slugs, pathogens, or insects. Some weather conditions … Read more >>

Should I Cut Damaged Hosta Leaves?

Should I Cut Damaged Hosta Leaves

Hostas are one of the most well-loved ornamental, perennial plants, especially around Minnesota. Unlike other plants whose crowning glory is their flowers, leaves are the pride and joy of hostas. So what do you do if they’re damaged? You can cut damaged hosta leaves. If the damage is severe, then the leaves should be removed … Read more >>

Rust Spots on Hosta Leaves [Causes & How to Fix]

Rust Spots on Hosta Leaves

You are an excellent plant keeper, but something is wrong, and you are unsure how to fix it. What are you supposed to do when your hosta is sporting uncomely red and brown spots? Rust-colored spots on hosta leaves are a common sign of fungal disease and other possible issues, including infection, pest infestation, or … Read more >>

How To Prune Hostas for Winter?

How To Prune Hostas for Winter

Pruning hostas at the beginning of winter is the best way to take care of these plants. The hostas’ dominant season is during autumn, and you may not notice any foliage until you get to spring. As such, pruning is imperative, and you should do it over a period to ensure you effectively remove all … Read more >>