Majesty Palm Repotting: A Full Guide

Majesty palms are gorgeous plants that look great in any room. They have great foliage, which can add a pop of color to any room. Plus, they are quite easy to take care off since they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

You just have to care about their few basic needs: soil, water, and light. Other than that, Majesty Palm repotting needs to take place every two years or so.

When Should Majesty Palms Be Replanted?

Majesty Palms must be transferred to a new plant pot every other year. They may endure in their pot for two years without damage, but the soil should be in excellent shape.

Plants should not be overcrowded or wild in their container and develop gently and gradually.

They are extremely slow to turn root-bound and require a long time to consume the nutrients in their container. Therefore, there is no need to be hasty when it comes to repotting.

Additionally, when they are overfed, palms may become gigantic and be difficult to control. So, feed them accordingly.

Furthermore, since they are actual trees, if you allow them too much room to expand, they will ultimately overrun your indoor space.

Therefore, with Majesty Palm repotting, do it only when required. And, you may maintain its slim size and attractive foliage.

Majestic Palms Repotting Schedule

A Palm’s removal from its pot is a meticulous process that has to be properly planned. Despite your best efforts, some of the plant’s most sensitive roots may suffer damage.

To have the least amount of negative influence on the Majesty Palm, repotting should be done in the early summer or late spring. When the Majesty Palm is in its growing season, the plant is getting ready to sprout new roots and leaves. They’ll recover faster when you repot them if they’re already growing.

A crucial time in the Palm’s development cycle is when new soil is added at the beginning of the growing season. You’ll get greater outcomes throughout the season when your plants have all they need to flourish.

Tropical Plants of Florida Majesty Palm with Pot - 13" Resin Planter Pot - Overall Height 42" to 48" - Live Palm Tree Plant (Honeysuckle Ocean)

Repotting a Majestic Palm

When the palms of the plant start to grow too much, the roots can start to feel suffocated in the container. You may even notice some of them growing out the drainage hole of the pot. Thus, you will have to take out an afternoon to repot the Palm into a better container.

When they are put into a new pot, they will have room to grow. Plus, the new soil will have more nutrients to support the growth of the new root systems.

To complete the repotting procedure, you will need:

  • A new pot or container
  • Newspapers
  • Pruning shears
  • If you don’t have drainage holes in the container, you will also need lava rocks.

1. Water the Plant

Watering is essential to prepare the root system for the transfer. It also removes some of the dirt. So, you need to water it two days before you are going to repot it. Keep filling the pot until the water starts to drain from the bottom. On the day of the repotting, you should also water it once in the morning.

2. Pick A Bigger Pot

We recommend looking for a pot that has good drainage holes at the bottom. The plant pot must be a little bigger than the previous one. Majesty palms do well with a 3-gallon container.

You need to keep the weight and height of your plant when you are looking for a new container. If it is too small or lightweight, the palm may topple over it since it is too heavy. You can find suitable containers at a local nursery or greenhouse. 

3. Get The Repotting Location Ready

When dealing with plants and soil, you know you are going to be making a mess. Hence, laying out the newspapers on the surface of your workstation or the floor can help you while cleaning up.

4. Take The Plant Out of Its Present Container

Turn the container over and hold the Majesty Palm by the leaves or stem. Start to tap the bottom of the pot until it starts to come out.

5. Release The Roots of the Plant

  • Break up the roots with your hands.
  • Use pruning shears to remove excess roots if the Palm has them.
  • Avoid cutting the plant’s foundation’s thicker roots.
  • Use a hand to untangle the roots if they bind the Majesty’s Palm.

6. Discard Old Potting Soil

Once the roots are out of the pot, take around a third of the old potting soil and dispose of it. The plant will need new soil to get the nutrients it needs to survive. It has already consumed the nutrients it needs from the old one, so it won’t do any good.

7. Add Fresh Potting Soil

Try and get a good mix of fresh soil. But before you add it to the new pot, make sure to place the lava rocks at the bottom if the new one doesn’t have suitable drainage holes.

8. Fill The New Container with the Plant

Gently place the plant into the new container after the soil has been added. Check to see if the plant is sitting on top of the new soil. Then, begin to add more new soil until the plant is set firmly in place. Make sure you don’t pack it in too hard since the roots need some room to breathe too.

American Plant Exchange Majesty Palm 3G 28-30" Tall, Dark Green Fronds

9. Give The Plant Wat

You will need to properly water the plant so that the fresh potting soil combines with the older soil surrounding the roots.

When you have repotted the soil, make sure to stick to the watering schedule. Overwatering it will lead to stress on the roots and waterlogging can cause root rot. When the new pot is ready, immerse it completely in water once until it starts to drain properly.

  • Moderate humidity is ideal for majestic palms.
  • Potted majesty palm plants also need bright light.
  • If the furnace runs hot during the winter, installing a humidifier near the plant or letting the majesty palm sit on the patio or near the window may protect the plant from drying out.
  • Ensure that the pots are placed in areas with strong sunshine for three to five hours daily. Additionally, you may provide the plant with the light it needs to grow by constructing a Sun Tunnel within your space.
  • Additionally, you will need to remove too many fronds and leaves that are yellow, brown, or dead.
  • You will also have to fertilize the plants. Start using fertilizers like Epsom salt monthly after the plant is potted to provide a consistent supply of nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, and nitrogen.

Tips for Repotting Majestic Palms

The optimum time to report the majesty palm is from spring through summer when it is actively developing. There are various indications that the Palm needs to be repotted.

When watering, if water rapidly drains from the container’s drain holes, this indicates that the roots have occupied the majority of the container’s area and that repotting is necessary.

Additionally, it’s necessary to report the Palm if you see that its roots are beginning to poke through the bottom of the pot. Nevertheless, palms don’t mind being slightly bitted root-bound, unlike most other plants.

As long as it includes bottom drain holes to avoid wet soil, one that causes difficulties with root rot, any kind of container will do.

Although containers that are too large might cause wet soil owing to the significant quantity of vacant space, choose one that is around one size bigger than the existing one. It is crucial to remember that the Palm will likely need at least a 3-gallon container for healthy development unless it is extremely tiny.

Consider the height of a majesty palm when choosing a pot, and make sure it is substantial enough to remain on the ground. A container shouldn’t be so light and little that it causes the Palm to become big and bulky and end up toppling.

A plant cart with wheels may also transport the majesty palm more easily from one area to another if it is huge and the soil-filled container is heavy.

Majesty Palm - Live Plant in an 10 Inch Growers Pot - Ravenea Rivularis - Beautiful Clean Air Indoor Outdoor Houseplant

How to Avoid Shock After a Transplant?

The Majesty Palm’s roots must be treated with the utmost care if transplant shock is to be avoided.

Always try to avoid harming the roots. Additionally, it aids in gently removing the Palm from its pot rather than tugging or ripping it out violently.

People often forget how to care for the Palm after repotting to avoid transplant shock. Majesty palms like a moist setting with ample direct and indirect light.

Maintain the Majesty Palm in an area with temperatures between 75°F and 85°F (24°C and 30°F) and plenty of strong indirect light. Aim for 50% or greater humidity since they also like a little more moisture than other palms.

If the new pot is beautiful, it may be enticing to move your newly crowned Majesty to a more visible throne. Moving, however, causes the poor Palm a fresh batch of pressures.

The Majesty Palm must contend with broken roots and variations in humidity, light, and temperature, all of which may overwhelm it and cause transplant shock.

Before repotting, make all efforts to bring Majesty Palm back to its original state. Before relocating the Palm to a more noticeable area, let it take a few weeks to become used to the new pot. It will govern gracefully if given a chance to adjust.

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