Are Cactus Bad for Feng Shui?

Fung Shui is the art of placing things around a space to help energy flow favorably. When the energy flows in the right way, good things happen. The energy of the room decides if it’s a room is a good place to relax or attracts disharmony.

How would a cactus affect the energy of your home? Let’s find out.

Fung Shui believes that there is energy or Chi created by the natural world which people and even places can harness.

Energy flows around all things, and it interacts with them. This energy accumulates in the room and affects the people in the room.

Traditional Feng Shui

In traditional Feng Shui, cacti are bad luck. Green plants bring peaceful, tranquil energy, and succulents are even better. However, the sharp points in a cactus create something called poison arrows.

What is a Poison Arrow?

To understand why traditionally, cacti are considered bad luck, we must understand the poison arrow concept. Things with sharp angles and pointed edges produce a splitting effect on the room’s energy flow.

That turns the smooth-flowing energy into sharp fast-moving arrows of evil intent.

These poison arrows affect everything from your mood to your luck and relationships with others. They make people irritated, frustrated, anxious, and restless. The arrows are divisive and add conflict to relationships.

Why Are Cactus Bad Luck?

Cacti are considered bad luck since they have many points, creating multiple poison arrows. Energy is believed to flow from the north. If you place a cactus in the north corner of the home, you’re turning all the energy into poison arrows.

In Feng Shui, anything that can happen is considered. Since there is always the chance that your cactus could prick you, there is no safety in the home. Because of this, a Fung Shui expert will recommend keeping cacti outside. If you live in an apartment, you can keep it on a window sill.

However, they will tell you to keep your cactus plants out of the living room or bedroom. It makes sense. Why would you want any negative energy to accumulate in the places where you wish to relax?

Cactus in Different Rooms

When deciding where to place your cactus in your home, just know it will affect your home’s energy.

Here’s how a cactus would affect the energy of different rooms according to Feng Shui

1. Entrance

Your entrance is where you greet friends, family, and acquaintances. You want to project warmth, hospitality, and safety when they enter.

According to traditional Feng Shui, if you have a cactus visible near your entryway, you are projecting negative feelings toward anyone who enters your home. The cactus will create divisive energy, making it difficult for your guests to relax or feel welcome.

2. Living Room

The Living room is where you chill, watch TV, or hang with the company. If you keep a cactus in the living room, you are inviting restless, agitating energy where you’re supposed to relax.

Your TV and devices release plenty of “Yang Energy” or active energy. That, combined with the poison arrows created by the cactus, makes a truly restless place.

3. Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you are the most vulnerable. Feng Shui places a lot of emphasis on the bed’s position for optimal safety and peace.

If you place a cactus in your bedroom, you compromise your safety while sleeping. Negative energy in the bedroom can make you have improper, restless sleep and even nightmares.

4. Bathroom

The bathroom is where depressing energy can accumulate if it isn’t clean and well-lit. That being said, this may be the one place where a cactus won’t be such a huge problem.

You can place a cactus in the bathroom, as it is already a room with questionable energy. Since water keeps flowing out of the bathroom, it produces a negative energy effect. Since negative energy is already built up in the bathroom, your cactus plant won’t make that much difference.

5. Balcony

If you have one, the balcony is the best place to put your cactus. The energy outside is constantly flowing and doesn’t accumulate. Placing your cactus plants outside also means more sun, so it’s a win-win situation.

What Other Cultures Believe

We just described how poison arrows create disharmony and conflict. However, when you look at modern minimalist interiors, they are filled with sharp edges and so-called poison arrows.

A complete Feng Shui interior is impossible if you want to follow modern trends. If you love cacti so much, nothing can stop you from putting them all over your home.

In Native American culture, cacti represent protection, motherly love, and warmth. These are lovely things that you would want to keep in your home.

All that matters is what makes sense to you and makes you feel good. If cacti sprout joy in your life, you don’t need to eliminate them.

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Traditional Feng Shui dictates that cacti and things with sharp points create poison arrows. These arrows create disharmony and accumulate negative energy in the home. Therefore, cacti are considered bad luck. If you want to keep a cactus, you can place them in the bathroom, balcony, or outside. However, in other cultures, cacti aren’t so bad. In fact, they are a symbol of protection.

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