How to Make Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Shiny

If you have a fiddle leaf fig plant in your house and have been tending to it for some time, you probably already know how magnificent these plants are.

These plants have the potential to reach heights of many meters, making them a sight to behold if they do.

Fiddle-leaf figs are stunning shrubs, and we could all use some of their glossy leaves in our gardens because of how traditionally beautiful they are; an increasing number of people are beginning to purchase them due to how fashionable they have become as houseplants.

It is going to be essential for you to maintain spotless conditions for these plants whenever you are caring for them.

The plant will suffer if the dust and grime are allowed to remain on the leaves for an extended period. To one’s relief, cleaning fiddle-leaf fig leaves can be accomplished via various effective strategies.

But every time, our fiddles might use a helping hand to shine!

Cleaning Fiddle Leaf Plant Leaves

The leaves of our plants may become dirty or grow out looking lifeless rather than shining and gorgeous.

However, there is a lot of information about acquiring that highly sought-after sparkle; unfortunately, not all of it is beneficial.

Some of it is outright damaging, and continued exposure to it can cause your instrument to develop major issues.

Why is it Important to Keep the Fiddle Plant Clean?


Some of you could be scratching your heads and questioning why you’d even need to go to the trouble of cleaning the leaves on a fiddle fig.

If you are young and inexperienced in taking care of plants, you might not fully grasp why the leaves should maintain their clean appearance.


If the leaves of your plant are clean, it will have a much easier time absorbing the sunlight available to it.

It will even be capable of respiring better, and you want to be able to do all you can to assist the plant in flourishing as much as you possibly can.

This is necessary for caring for any houseplant, but it is crucial for this plant because of its unique growth habit. Thankfully, removing the leaves won’t take nearly as much time as you think.


To continue to exist, plants fundamentally require the capacity to take light into their systems. If plants are encased in a large amount of dust or filth, they will not be able to carry out the process of photosynthesis correctly.

It’s true that a tiny bit of dust probably won’t stop a plant from performing what it needs to accomplish, but over time, dust and filth that has gathered will become a problem. It is essential to clean the leaves on a routine basis to prevent them from becoming too dirty.

How to Make Your Fiddle Plant Shiny

Plant Health & Care

This can be something you already know, but it’s necessary to emphasize because lustrous fiddle leaf fig leaves depend on it. If your tree isn’t in good health, it won’t be able to shine!

To encourage the growth of healthy leaves on your tree, it is essential to provide it with adequate water, lots of indirect sunlight, and the appropriate nutrients.

When you have these three components in place, everything else will be a lot simpler for you to deal with.

If the leaves on your plant are clean, they can absorb more light. Since improved airflow is crucial to a plant’s health, it’s important to have this capability.

Retain Humidity

Fiddles, being tropical plants, adore moist conditions. Having pliable leaves helps them maintain their gorgeous dark green hue and shimmer.

If you reside in a dry area, it’s crucial to maintain your tree distance from ventilation, heating systems, and draughts and to install a diffuser or pebble tray to add humidity to the room.

Spray your tree occasionally and spritz the emerging leaves to make them lush and glossy.

Clean the Leaves

Dirt and harsh water stains are a major cause of dull leaves, which may appear obvious.

A plant’s leaves are its organ of photosynthesis and respiration; hence keeping them clean is essential for their proper function.

Cleaning your leaves with filtered water and a tiny quantity of washing powder soap occasionally is a good habit.

Cleaning Techniques

When it comes to effectively cleaning the leaves, you may choose from a few different approaches. It is up to you to choose which one you want to utilize, but it is in your best interest to consider all the choices before concluding so that you can do so intelligently.

Use of Soft Cloth

One of the most typical methods of leaf maintenance is to wipe them off with a clean, fibrous cloth that is not harsh on the plant.

If you keep a soft cloth in a drawer, caring for this plant will be as simple as pulling it out when it gets dusty.

Use of Sprayers

Depending on how much dirt there is, it may be required to use some water. Most people interested in caring for it will already have a sprayer on hand.

To clean the plant’s leaves, you can spray them with water and then wipe them with a soft cloth. With time and effort, you may clean the leaves of any dust, filth, or grime that has settled there.

Use of a Pipe

Get the hose and head outside to clean it. A thorough soaking is required to remove all traces of dust and debris.

Then, after washing it well, you can put it outside to dry for an hour or two, but only if you can avoid leaving it in the direct sunshine or forgetting it overnight.

An additional benefit of immersing the root ball is that it can help solve issues with soil shrinkage caused by drying out.

The method has limitations, though, as it may be unsafe to transport your plant outdoors if it is particularly huge or heavy.

A giant fiddle plant can be moved easily from inside to outside with the help of a rolling stand. Of course, you might not have a backyard or hose.

You could also be residing in an area where the temperature is too low for this approach to be practical.

Use of Shower

The plant can also be cleaned by showering it, an alternative method that might be quicker than using a soft towel to wipe it off.

To take care of business, you will move the fiddle plant to your bathtub or a sink in the bathroom.

You should use a bathtub rather than a sink if the fiddle-leaf fig plant is tall. Cleaning the leaves is as easy as running water over them from a sink or shower.

One possible time to wipe the leaves this way is just before watering the plant. Make it a habit to bring your plant to the tub every time you need to water it and give the leaves a good scrub at the same time.

It is recommended that you use a Houseplant Leaf Shine after any manner of cleaning. Besides making your fiddle plant’s leaves seem beautiful, this product will shield them from pests and disease, like neem oil, but without the pungent odor.

Keep an eye on the fiddle leaves to determine if they have accumulated dust or grime. If so, spring is the time to clean your plant so it can relax, take a deep breath, and put on height for the rest of the year.

The best way to clean a fiddle-leaf fig plant depends on the size of your plant and how often you can bring it outside.

Precautionary Measure

Taking your time with this procedure is best because you do not want to mistreat the leaves. That does imply that sweeping the leaves off the ground can become a little bit repetitive, but overall, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Managing the leaves with as little force as possible will allow you to achieve the best possible results for your efforts.

If you want it to remain in the best possible health, you should do this for it regularly.

Like over-scrubbing, using soaps, cleaners, and detergents can potentially burn your leaves, deprive them of their natural oils, and even destroy the top layers of cells from the plant’s surface.

Use any Houseplant Leaf Shine, water with a few drops of castile soap, or plain water to clean your houseplants.

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Our Final Thoughts

Taking care of the fiddle plant and keeping the leaves clean will develop a glossy sheen. It’s better to prioritize the plant’s health than a few glossy leaves.

In the same way, a fit human being radiates health, and so too do fit plants. Keeping the leaves of the fiddle leaf plant clean and shiny will help it grow bigger and healthier rather than catching dust and dirt on the shelf!

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