Is the Majesty Palm Safe for Cats?

The Majesty Palm is known by the scientific name ‘Ravenea rivularis’ and belongs to the Arecaceae family. This plant is safe for cats and is not toxic for them. It’s also not toxic to dogs or horses either.

The Majesty Palm is a popular houseplant that creates a vibrant, tropical feel within one’s home. This plant has upright stalks and green fronds that resemble a tree. The Majesty Palm is great if you want to add plants to your interior!

This indoor Palm is also known to clean the surrounding air and is relatively low-maintenance.

Taking care of the Majesty Palm is not very complicated. You have to keep it watered, and it will be happy.

This plant can thrive both indoors and outdoors. You can keep it inside as a houseplant or outdoors on the patio.

Keeping the Majesty Palm Indoors

If you are a cat owner and think is majesty palm safe for cats, the answer is yes! This plant is safe for other animals as well. So, you don’t need to worry about your cat nibbling on the plant.

Majesty Palms are also graceful plants that can lift your entire interior. These plants grow slowly, but they become more elegant as they enlarge. Even though these plants are low maintenance, they still need to be paid attention to.

When growing them inside the house, ensure they receive the right amount of light, humidity, and water. Feeding the plant with fertilizer as required will also make it grow well.

The Majesty Palm can make any room resemble a spa. You can often see these plants in big stores such as Home Depot.

When watering your Majesty Palm, you can soak it once a week and drain it. Then you can place it back in its saucer. In winter, you can do this at a lesser frequency.

The Majesty Palm also prefers being kept in temperatures above 70 degrees F.

The Majesty Palm and Cats

Keeping a cat is a huge commitment. Cats need care, attention, and love. Cats are also very naughty and try to reach anything you try to hide. Housecats are a long-term commitment, and your responsibility as a cat owner is to keep them safe.

As a cat owner, it’s your job to see that all plants nearby are safe for your cat. Both kittens and grown cats tend to chew on plants. They think plants are tasty treats to nibble on.

Several plant varieties are toxic to cats. These plants contain enzymes that cats can’t digest. Hence, they can cause severe symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, etc.

It’s always best to do some research and check if the plant you want is toxic to pets or not. Only when you are certain the plant is not toxic, buy it. This will save you and your kitty a lot of trouble.

As the Majesty Palm is not toxic to pets, it’s safe to keep with cats. However, be warned, cats love nibbling on this plant! They can eat large parts of these plants.

To keep your cat from chewing away on this plant, you can place the plant on a pedestal out of the cat’s reach. It’s also possible to spray a repellant on the fronds so the cat doesn’t eat it.

There are several other houseplants other than the Majesty Palm that are not toxic to cats. These include bamboo, orchid, spider plant, African Violet, and banana.

Why Do Cats Like Nibbling on Plants?

Outdoor cats usually like chewing on some foliage or plants. This can be because they like the taste or to make up for nourishment. As a result, when cats are kept indoors, they often chew on houseplants.

How Frequently Should You Water the Majesty Palm?

It’s best to water your Majesty’s Palm every seven to ten days. Sometimes you can also water it after fourteen days.

How frequently you should water this plant depends on the climate and season. In winter, you don’t need to water as often as in summer.

You can also test the amount of moisture left in the plant through a simple finger test. This can also be checked through a moisture meter.

How Big Can the Majesty Palm Get?

When grown outdoors in their native habitat, Majesty Palms can grow as high as eighty feet. Their fronds can measure up to eight feet.

When Majesty Palms are grown indoors, they can grow up to ten feet and have five feet spread. These plants grow fast. They can live for up to twenty years if grown in the right conditions.

They can grow in bright sunlight as well as indirect sunlight. They are also able to grow in artificial light. When kept indoors, they need to be held in a well-lit, airy space.

How to Stop My Cat Chewing on Houseplants?

If your cat loves chewing on your Majesty Palm or any other houseplant, there are ways to keep it away. Even if the plant isn’t toxic, cats shouldn’t ingest too much.

Try sprinkling chili powder on the plant leaves to stop the cat from chewing on them. You can also lightly dust the plant with cayenne pepper to make the cat back away.

Cats also dislike the smell of citrus. Therefore, you can place orange or lemon peels in the plant pot. This will also deter the cat from chewing.

Another method is to sprinkle the plant’s leaves with orange oil or diluted lemon juice. This will also keep the cat away.

Tips to Care for Your Majesty Palm

  • The Majesty Palm thrives in medium sunlight and should be soaked once a week or two. These palms also thrive in temperatures of seventy degrees F.
  • Place your Palm near a sunny window. Make sure it absorbs 6-8 hours of sunlight every day.
  • Exposure to sunlight should not exceed this as it becomes detrimental to the plant.
  • If your Majesty’s palm remains in the sun for too long, you may notice its leaves turning brown.
  • When watering this plant, ensure the soil doesn’t dry out completely. Also, ensure the pot you are growing your Majesty Palm has drainage holes. This will prevent the plant from dry rot.
  • If the Palm’s fronds are drying up, the leaves tips will turn brown. This will then start moving down the leaf. This implies that the Palm is dry and needs water. If the Palms leaves turn yellow, you should water them less.
  • The Majesty Palm prefers moisture as it’s a tropical palm. The Palm’s leaves will turn brown and dry if the air surrounding it is too dry. Warm air suits this plant the most. Cold air can damage this Palm, but it does have the ability to recover quickly.
  • You can fertilize your indoor Majesty’s palm every few months. There’s no need to fertilize this plant during winter.
  • It’s also recommended to repot your Majesty’s palm regularly. This plant needs room to thrive. It is recommended to repot every other year to prevent overcrowding. You can increase the size of the pot by two inches at least. Also, you know it’s time to repot when you see roots appearing from the soil’s top.
  • When the Majesty Palm’s fronds turn brown or yellow, it needs pruning. Pruning regularly allows more fronds to grow and improves the plant’s overall appearance.
  • It’s also possible for pests such as spider mites to infest the Majesty Palm. This can be avoided by adequate humidity. Fertilizing the plant frequently can also control this. Wiping plant leaves with a piece of cloth also helps.
  • Keeping Your Majesty Palm near a bright window is the ideal location. You can also place it near a window in the bathroom. The Palm will love the sunlight and moisture in there.
  • The Majesty Palm is also used to clear the air and remove toxins from it.

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Concluding Thoughts

The information above answers is Majesty Palm toxic to cats. This Palm is safe for cats to ingest and does not cause symptoms of poisoning and indigestion.

Suppose your cat nibbles on the Majesty Palm in small quantities; it’s perfectly alright. However, do discourage your cat from consuming too much of the plant.

For some reason, cats seem to love chewing on the Majesty Palm. You can keep orange and lemon peels in the plant’s pot to avoid this. As cats dislike citrus, your cat is likely to turn away. You can also spray the Palm with orange oil or diluted lemon juice.

It’s also possible to sprinkle chili powder or cayenne pepper on the plant’s leaves to discourage the cat from nibbling.

Majesty Palms are very popular indoor plants. They add a warm, tropical feel to your interior space. These Palms are also hassle-free and low-maintenance.

The perfect spot for Your Majesty Palm is near an airy window with plenty of sunlight. These plants love moisture, so keeping them near the bathroom window is a great idea.

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