Are Cactus Good for Bathrooms? [Benefits & Issues]

A cactus might not be a good plant for all spaces. It may also be hard for some houseplant enthusiasts to grow.

However, if you are wondering about putting a cactus plant in a bathroom, it can be a great way to change the interior and make it look better.

Are cactus suitable for bathrooms? Yes, if you consider some key factors;

Are Cactus Good for Bathrooms: The Short Answer

Cactus plants are one of the best indoor plants for a beginner. This is because they are low maintenance and do not require a lot of upkeep.

No matter where you live in the USA, the answer to “Are cactus good houseplants” would be “yes.” Cactus plants can survive the worst climates and don’t even need much watering.

Similarly, when it comes to bearing the sun’s harsh rays, there is no plant better than a cactus.

A humid bathroom is best for those cactus plants that consume more water than others. It keeps adding moisture to their soil without requiring more watering.

The requirements of cactus plants differ from species to species. But almost every cactus loves the wet environment of a bathroom.

If you wonder why your bathroom cactus keeps dying, perhaps it requires a drier environment. Since some cactus plants can’t use humidity, a bathroom isn’t great for them.

Generally, cactus plants in a bathroom will not disappoint you. After surviving the harsh desert climate, the bathroom isn’t a big hurdle. But you might need to keep some species away.

A cactus can survive long without needing watering due to its stems and leaves that can store more water. But the humidity alone can’t take care of their moisture requirements.

Remember that you might need to tweak the watering of the plants in your bathroom. Check the soil to feel if it is dry before adding more water.

If you are wondering, “Why are cactus good for bathrooms,” here are some factors to note;

The Inherent Nature of Cactus Plants

Cactus plants differ in nature from most houseplants in the world. In fact, they are much more unique than most plants that exist in the tropics.

Since a cactus doesn’t need much to survive, the answer to “Are cactus good houseplants” will always be affirmative.

Your cactus must get a lot of indirect light throughout the day. According to Forbes, people living in colder states in the USA can use artificial lights to accomplish this goal.

If you are considering keeping cactus plants in your bathroom, place them near a window with enough light for at least four hours a day.

Some cactuses can live without direct sunlight. But not all of them can live long without some kind of light. They need it for growth and other mechanisms that help them live without water.


Cactus plants might be able to tolerate harsher temperatures with much less water than the average plant. However, since they are used to absorbing moisture from the air to fulfill their water requirements, this might not work for most.

For a cactus that doesn’t need a lot of water, the extra moisture in the air can lead to rot. This is especially true for cacti that have been overwatered.

Add drainage holes to the pots and water only when necessary to prevent these situations. Bathroom cacti need even less water than usual!

Why Are Cactus Good for Bathrooms?

So, why are cactus suitable for bathrooms?

We have all heard the numerous answers to “How are cactus good houseplants,” including their air purification and stress relief functions. But what about the bathroom?

1. A Makeover

The bathroom is the only place in your home that is the hardest for interior designers. Some people might want a minimalistic design, while others need boisterous tones.

The easiest way to personalize a bathroom based on an owner’s character is through plants. Different kinds of plants might say different things.

A cactus plant is the most sophisticated addition to the bathroom. It doesn’t just add greenery to the space but can also make it look bigger.

Moreover, you can experiment with different kinds of cacti and pots, making it easy to help them blend with the background.

Since cactus plants are much more predictable, you don’t have to worry about them outgrowing the space.

2.  Stress Relief

Your bathtub is the one place in your home that can release all the worries of the day and help you feel more relaxed. This is exactly why cacti are great additions to the bathroom.

Since you are already stepping into the bathroom for some relaxation, why not add some stress-relieving plants to the mix?

When taking a bath and investing in some me-time, a cactus plant is the best companion. You can talk to it, spritz it with some water, or simply admire its flowers as you soak in the bath.

3. Health

If you want to purify the air within your home, there is no better investment than a cactus plant. But if you really want to achieve the best results, you must scatter them everywhere.

The bathroom is a great place to start. Since it is already a smaller area and often feels stuffy, you can try adding a cactus plant as an experiment.

Some Issues with Growing Cactus Plants in Bathrooms

You might be excited about growing cactus plants in your bathroom. But it is best to take some necessary precautions. Here are some issues that need attention;

1. Surface Area

Your bathroom is much smaller than other rooms in your house. A cactus plant deserves a much bigger room to grow; bringing it into your bathroom might make it feel cramped in that small space.

Some cactus plants can grow too big for the bathroom and begin to cause discomfort when you attempt to shower. This doesn’t just hurt you but can also hinder their growth.

If you are considering adding cactus plants to your bathroom, consider only the species that can fit. Take into account your bathroom space and invest accordingly.

2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

There’s no right answer to “Are cactus good for bathrooms.” It all depends on how you care for your cactus plants. A bathroom cactus might not be a great idea if you are a beginner.

Since beginner houseplant owners already find it hard to remember to water their plants, putting these plants out of sight might lead to underwatering.

If any of your plants are added to some discreet corner of the house, there’s a danger they might be forgotten. Since you don’t need to water cacti often, there’s an even greater chance you might forget about the ones in the bathroom.

3. The Wrong Species

You might have added a cactus plant to the bathroom in the hopes that you are creating a nurturing environment. But, you notice it wilting away in a few days.

There’s a chance you invested in the wrong species. Some species of cactus plants aren’t really used to the bathroom. They don’t prefer humid environments and may even be allergic to some chemicals.

Moreover, adding a fan or cracking open a vent might have the opposite effect. Cacti can’t handle extreme temperatures, and a cold draft might lead to your cactus dying.

Types of Cactus Plants that Are Good for Bathrooms

Are you wondering, “How are cactus good houseplants?” One of the easiest answers is variety.

Cacti come in many different shapes and sizes. According to Britannica, there are nearly 2000 species found in the USA. Luckily, some can survive in your bathroom.

Here are some plants you can easily add to your bathroom without worrying about them dying;

1. Jade Plant

This is one of the most popular cactus plants that can survive the climate inside the bathroom. It can live much longer than other cactus plants and is also low maintenance.

Jade plants love hot and dry climates, meaning a wet bathroom is ideal for them to thrive. However, moist soil is their only condition!

2. Zebra Plant

Zebra plants are one of the most popular cactus plants throughout the USA. Their striped leaves are preferred in interior decoration projects.

Much like Jade Plants, they also prefer healthy amounts of indirect sunlight. Place them near a window in your bathroom and forget about them for days!

Zebra plants only need watering once in a while. With the lowest maintenance, they can add life to your bathroom with their beautiful leaves and unique flowers.

3. Mother in Law’s Tongue

This plant has a unique name which is inspired by its appearance. It is also often called a Snake plant. The reason it is preferred across the USA is due to its maintenance.

No matter how bad you are at keeping plants alive, you might find it hard to let this one wither away. It is best for the bathroom due to its low light and watering requirements.

How to Keep Cactus in Bathrooms: A Guide

You must create ideal conditions to keep cacti in your bathroom and help them live long and healthy lives.

After asking, “Why are cactus good for bathrooms” it is natural to wonder how you can create an environment for your cactus plants in the bathroom.

1. Suspended

The first and perhaps best way to keep cactus plants is to keep them suspended. For this, you can use pots or baskets.

Make sure you hang the cactus near windows where they can get plenty of direct sunlight without being drenched with water each time you shower.

2. Relaxed

If you have a bathtub inside your bathroom, your cactus plants can be a great way to add to the design. Putting a cactus plant nearby when you soak in the bath can be a relaxing experience.

You can add the cactus plant to the flat surface surrounding your bath. In case there is none, you can also consider investing in shelves.

Moreover, you can also consider placing the plant near the sink. This is a much safer option if you fear your plant will take a dunk in the bathtub.

3. Basking

The healthiest place for cactus plants in the bathroom is to bask on the windowsill. If you are particularly worried about your plant, consider placing it here for the best light conditions.

4. Down Low

If you can’t find any suitable place and don’t want to add more shelves to the bathroom, try adding a bigger plant to the floor in some corner that doesn’t get too wet!

Taking Care of Your Bathroom Guest

That cactus plant that has recently stepped into the bathroom needs just as much care and attention as any other houseplant.

  1. Don’t deprive them of light

No matter what you do, don’t place your cactus in a bathroom that does not receive any light. Installing artificial lights in the bathroom is quite impossible, so stay away from this experiment.

  • Treat it like other cactus plants in the house

Anytime you are repotting other cactus plants or adding fertilizer, try to do the same with this cactus plant.

  • Avoid overwatering

The cactus plant will need water once in a while. However, remember not to overwater it as it is already receiving moisture from the environment.

Old Lady Cactus, Old-Lady Pincushion, Mammillaria hahniana

Final Thoughts

A cactus plant is the easiest way to change the look of your bathroom. Plus, it can also purify the room and promote relaxation.

If you have a larger bathroom, you can experiment with bigger and taller plants or add more pots hanging from the ceiling.

Regardless of the kind of cactus you choose, one thing is certain. Cactus plants are great for bathrooms. Don’t shy away from adding one to your bathroom space today!

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