Eve’s Needle Cactus Turning Yellow [Why & What to Do]

Eve’s Needle is a popular cactus plant in America. These plants have unique shapes and needle-like spines with prickles around the edges. Native to South America, this famous cactus plant has an exclusive global fanbase.

Like other cacti, Eve’s Needle cactus can have yellow leaves due to various factors. If you want to know the reasons behind your Eve’s Needle cactus turning yellow, we have covered everything below.

Why Do Eve’s Needle Cactus Leaves Turn Yellow?

Due to growing conditions and environmental factors, Eve’s needle cactus leaves can turn yellow. Like other cacti, this plant can turn yellow when kept in unsuitable areas, with light issues, potting problems, and watering practices.

Known by its scientific name, Austrocylindropuntia Subulate, this cactus plant can grow up to 13 feet in optimal growing conditions. You can find it in South American lands, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Factors Affecting the Leaf Color of Eve’s Needle Cactus

We will dig deeper into the factors that can change the color of leaves in Eve’s Needle. Let’s have a look.

Plant Placement

One of the reasons your Eve’s Pin has yellow leaves is its placement. Since it is a popular house plant, some plant enthusiasts place them in under-lit or over-lit spots, altering the color of their leaves.

Typically, Eve’s Needle requires a specific amount of light to grow to its natural state. Plant experts recommend keeping it in a partially shaded spot. Overexposure can turn the leaves yellow.

A good rule is to keep your Eve’s Needle plant behind a thin curtain to avoid direct sunlight. Direct exposure for longer periods can burn leaves and turn them yellow.

Watering Problems

Although cactus plant species survive in tough climates, they require sufficient water to grow properly. It is worth noting that a sufficient water supply does not mean frequent watering.

Eve’s Needle requires a moderate water supply to prevent overwatering like other cacti. The best way to determine its watering needs is by checking the soil’s condition.

If the soil is too dry, you may water it to promote absorption. Watering partially damp soil may kill the plant. We have covered watering conditions for cactus plants below to help you avoid yellow leaves.

What Happens When You Overwater Your Eve’s Needle?

Frequent watering can lead to various problems for a typical cactus plant. Keeping the soil wet through most days can develop a yellow leaf color.

Yellow leaves can be a sign of stress in cacti species. It may indicate that your plant is facing problems (due to a poor growing environment or other factors).

What Happens When You Underwater Your Eve’s Needle?

When you underwater your Eve’s Needle cactus plant, the plant may receive insufficient nutrients and turn yellow over the weeks.

More often, plant collectors overlook the watering needs of cactus plants due to the common belief that these plants require lesser water. While true, watering them once or twice a month can lead to malnutrition. Such conditions can cause leaf dryness and discoloration.

Water Condition

Another factor that may ruin your Eve’s Needle leaf color is water condition. In some regions, water quality hinders proper plant growth due to a lack of nutrients.

Water may also contain contaminants, leading to poor absorption. A good way to determine the water condition is to check the top soil layer in the pot. If you notice white stains, it may indicate water problems.

You may consult a plant expert in your area to work around water quality problems. Sometimes, repotting the plant in well-draining soil can recover the plant’s health.

Sudden Environmental Change

A sudden change in your Eve’s Needle’s environment may turn the leaves yellow. If you just bought the plant and notice the color change in the first few days, it may indicate environmental change.

Although it is a common issue, you can consult a plant expert to determine the best watering and growing habits to ensure optimal environments.

Typically, watering the plant (as recommended) can restore the leaf color in a few days. If the plant’s condition worsens, you may try repotting it and placing it in a different spot to promote growth.

Pot Size

One of the reasons behind your Eve’s Needle cactus leaves turning yellow is the pot size. Smaller pots can cause stress in the plant’s roots, leading to malnutrition.

Generally, potting problems appear when the plant is in the juvenile stages. As it propagates, the color of the leaves starts to turn yellow. Before you switch pots, you may ensure that the soil is appropriate (well-draining and suitable for succulents).

If other conditions are good, you can change the pot to a bigger one and repot your Eve’s Needle plant. Water the plant optimally and see if the yellow color goes away. If this solution doesn’t work, you may consult a plant expert to evaluate the plant’s condition thoroughly.

Pest Problems

Although most cacti species remain unaffected by pests, some environments can cause pest interactions. Problems can vary for each succulent. Eve’s Needle is a tough plant.

However, some pests can ruin the leaves color and impact the plant’s health. You may check with a plant expert in your area to determine underlying causes.

How to Prevent Discoloration in Eve’s Needle?

Eve’s Needle can be tricky to plant and maintain. The plant conserves water in its trunk and branches for survival. You may water it depending on where you plant it.

If you plant them in colder climates, you may water them less to avoid discoloration or killing (in worst cases). On the contrary, hotter climates require more water to fulfill the plant’s watering needs.

Moreover, you may check the soil every once to ensure optimal moisture. Dry soil can lead to dried and discolored leaves in Eve’s Needle cactus plant.

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The Bottomline

The above details highlight various factors behind your Eve’s Needle cactus turning yellow. As an American resident, you may check the plantation requirements in your area to avoid plant malnutrition. If you want to buy Eve’s Needle, you may explore varieties online or visit your nearby plant shop to get the price.

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